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Sharing in the community builds connections, skills and valuable relationships, which in turn facilitates a sense of belonging that also creates value for the community as a whole.

In April 2024, Felicitous Foodology and CHP implemented The Daily Dietary Dish, a 5-week nutrition and cookery programme for adults, focusing on the 5 food groups and portion control within these groups. Ultra-processed foods and fast foods and why they should only be eaten in moderation. Type 2 diabetes and remission, intermittent fasting, making healthier versions of take away foods and the importance of exercise.

The cookery element of this programme is based on cooking healthy well-balanced food from a sustainable and economic Mediterranean style diet.

The results of our collaboration are now providing evidence of sustained changes in individual health, physical activity and weight loss.

We are training in the community. Two CHP residents who have participated in the programme are now training in Level 2 nutrition to become mentors in the community advocating the benefits of healthy eating and learning how to cook and will be volunteering at the hub to gain experience before taking over from Felicitous Foodology to teach and train others in their community.

This programme will run continuously throughout 2024


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