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Felicitous Foodology 
Active In The Community

In our second year together CHP and Felicitous Foodology are bringing a community together which is without a doubt, now making a huge difference to many peoples lives.



In April, we implemented the Daily Dietary Dish a 5-week nutrition and cookery programme for adults focusing on the 5 food groups, portion control within these groups, Type 2 diabetes and remission, intermittent fasting and exercise.
The cookery element of this programme is based on cooking healthy well-balanced food from a sustainable and economic Mediterranean style diet.
2 CHP residents who have participated in the programme are now training in Level 2 nutrition to become mentors in the community advocating the benefits of healthy eating and learning how to cook.

This programme will run continuously throughout 2024

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The results of our partnership are now providing strong evidence of sustained changes in individual health, physical activity, weight loss, better management for overall blood sugar levels and reductions in HDL (high-density lipoprotein). We are also documenting the changes in eating and lifestyle habits that the whole family have adopted and are now enjoying. 

Adult nutrition and cookery classes, have been focusing on eating more of a Mediterranean diet, eating less red meat and batch cooking some great Mediterranean dishes on a budget. The benefits of olive oil and good fats in the diet.


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 Providing school holiday cookery and nutrition workshops for year 5 and 6 pupils.

Active Essex Healthy Eating Programme 

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Partnering in the community with



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