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Healthy Eating Week 2024


As part of healthy eating week 2024 Felicitous Foodology funded 20 families in Essex who home school their year 5 and 6 aged children, with our 11-week nutritional course.

We have some fabulous feedback from all the pupils and their parent tutors and we thank you all for taking part and proving just how important nutrition is in everyday learning and everyday life.

We collated some concerning data pre course and some encouraging post course data. Showing that nutrition really has a place in our primary school aged children. 


Healthy Eating Week 2023

As part of healthy eating week 2023 Felicitous Foodology part funded with CHP a 4 week course for families to learn about nutrition and healthy eating with cookery lessons provided. Fabulous family fun.

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family 2.jpg
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Healthy Eating Week 2022

What an amazing week!

Felicitous Foodology celebrated Healthy Eating Week by funding Primary Schools in Tower Hamlets and Newham, with a 1 hour nutritional presentation.



Felicitous Foodology

Ensuring Future Generations Live Life Well 

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