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Nutrition and cookery lessons for adults are vital in communities

Updated: Mar 21

Working in partnership with CHP the largest not-for-profit housing association in Essex.

February 2024 and our adult nutrition and cookery classes, have been focusing on eating more of a Mediterranean diet, eating less red meat and batch cooking some great Mediterranean dishes on a budget. The benefits of olive oil and good fats in the diet. Making some great fake away’s that are lower in fat, salt and sugar. Nutrition has been focusing on Type 2 diabetes and how it may be possible to get into remission by making changes to the diet. We have also been and looking at intermittent fasting.

In just 4 weeks, in a group of six, one participant has visited her doctor and been informed that her HDL (High-density lipoprotein) cholesterol has dropped to a healthier level and 2 participants have started a journey to try and reverse their Type 2 diabetes, beginning with reading Dr David Cavan’s and Diabetes.’s recommended reverse your diabetes book and adopting a sustainable, affordable Mediterranean approach to eating.

, together CHP and Felicitous Foodology are bringing a community together which is already beginning to make a huge difference to many people’s lives.

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