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Why our children need to learn to cook.

Updated: 6 days ago

With more emphasis needing to be placed on home cooking these days and less on eating fast foods and ultra processed foods, eating a regular home prepared meal is of such importance.

After 4 decades of eating these processed foods, eating out at fast food outlets and heating up ready made meals, many families, I engage with in the community are 3rd generations that do not know how to cook.

I have been working in the community this summer with CHP a housing associaton in Chelmsford who really care that the children and families living in their homes, have had access to fresh food, nutritional classes and learning how to cook whilst having fun.

Teaching children how to cook prepares them for the future, this summer 50 children have learnt to cook and have had access to vital information with regards to nutrition, food preperation and why the body can become obese if we eat fast food and ultra processed foods too often.

Teaching the children this summer has been a powerful learning experience for them and full of fun. Every child has expressed the desire to learn more and every child enjoyed eating what they created. Most of these children were aged 9-10 and in year 5,6 and starting in year 7 in September. It is so important they learn these basic skills in primary school, because evidence suggest that adolescents with cooking skills could strongly predict nutritional wellbeing.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour found that developing cooking skills as a young adult may have long-term benefits for health and nutrition.

Evidence suggests that developing cooking and food preparation skills is important for health and nutrition, yet the practice of home cooking is declining and now rarely taught in schools.

CHP and Felicitous Foodology are commited to continuing our partnership to provide these vital lessons, so that these young children will develop the skills neccessary, that in turn will have long term benefits for their health and lives.

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